Is Britain
As corrupt
as any
Third World
Banana Republic?

This Overseas Aid budget which Cameron and all his friends are screaming about is a case in point.

The fist indications that something isnít quite right came when politicians being interviewed on the subject immediately began doing their best to turn a rational and sensible discussion into an emotional one. Shouting about the poor and the destitute in Rwanda and other destitute countries invariably diverted the interviewers, so probing and intelligent questions were not asked. For politicians, turning rational and sensible discussions into emotive ones is always a great strategy.

But, letís look at the situation rationally. To gather the eleven billion pounds every man woman and child in this nation, as I said earlier, has to pay about £176 in extra tax and a family of four will have to pay about £704.

But what happens to this eleven billion pounds?

According to the Channel 4 website the top ten, geniunely poor recipients receive £1.5 billion. But that leaves £9.5 billion unaccounted for!

So what happens to this unaccounted for £9.5 billion?

Well, apart from the big ticket items, Iím sure thereís £50 million here, £30 million somewhere else and maybe several £15 million lumps to a variety of good causes.

But that unfortunately still leaves a great deal of money unaccounted for and itís obvious that much of this gets distributed in one, two or three million pound lumps. But to dispose of £9 billion in this way requires scatter gun tactics and thereís no way anyone could check up on where a substantial portion of this money, all in small lumps, is going to. A matter made even more difficult by the fact that, to increase profitability, most media organisations have got rid of many journalists and today, one journalist is often obliged to do the job of three. Anti journalist though I often am, I canít deny that they simply donít have the time to investigate anything of note. (Sex scandals excluded.)

But would you like to make a few millions out of this Overseas Aid budget?

If you knew the right people, it wouldnít be too hard for you to get your hands on some of this money.

For example, you could set yourself up as a charity, get a shack in downtown Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and start selling condoms at cost price. You would then be able to approach the government and claim to be a charity supplying contraceptives to Third World countries. If you were a member of the right group that would certainly allow you to get anything up to £2 million from the Overseas Aid budget. Sending a container load of condoms to your shack once a year wouldnít cost a lot and the rest would be all yours. You would, of course, have to supply the right kind of paperwork, but it shouldnít be too hard for a creative accountant to lose £1.8 million or so. As an important and caring founder of an international charity you would be entitled to an annual salary of at least a quarter of a million plus expenses. As you would also be spending a lot of time away from home, your children would have to be sent to good quality boarding schools and so school fees would be a legitimate expense. Then there also would be all the important meetings you would have to attend in exotic, far away locations such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, the Riviera and probably even Dubai. On top of this there would be your round the world fact finding trips, accompanied by your family and, needless to say, flying first class, staying in the best hotels and, for health reasons, eating only in the finest restaurants.

You will, of course, have to look after your friends. If they scratch your back you will be expected to reciprocate by scratching theirs from time to time. But if theyíre decent people, they wonít ask for too much in return.

A nice little earner if you can get it. But to get it, all you have to do is be friends with the right people and itís not as if youíre committing a crime, is it? You are helping the Third World by sending a yearly container load of condoms to people who desperately need contraception and for that surely, you should be applauded. Shouldnít you?

---February 22, 2013---

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