Charity Schmarity

David Cameronís sacred zero point seven percent of taxpayer's money for charitable purposes shows he's trying to be the most generous man in Britain with OPM, or other people's money. If you were listening to todayís BBC 'File On Four' youíll know that this sacred 0.7% doesnít do much to help the poor, the sick, the hungry or the destitute. A great deal of it is given to Turkey to help it build the infrastructure it needs to join the European Union - railways being but one of its needs. A great deal more goes to other countries wanting to join the EU. To qualify for membership they need to develop their infrastructure and so British charity pounds are sent to help pay the bill. Needless to say the corporations which actually own the infrastructure don't have to pay the money back - but it's all in a good cause - or so they say!

I suppose itís all a question of what politicians mean when they speak of 'Good Causesí.

It certainly seems that my idea of a good cause and David Cameronís idea of a good cause are two different things altogether!

What about your idea of a good cause?


Interestingly, later in the evening Mr. Plebgate was interviewed on Radio 4 and his stance was that the sacred 0.7% was really good for Britain and, despite the economic hardship, the tax burden was worth the pain. However, both he and the interviewer completely ignored the allegations made earlier by File on Four and the talk was all about the really poor people in countries like Rwanda.

By the time Andrew Mitchell finished his rant I was convinced that he was nothing but an unconscionable liar. He went out of his way to pull as many heartstrings he could and avoided all references to the fact that much, if not most of this money is going to help East European countries and Turkey join the EU. In fact Iím now no longer convinced that Andrew Mitchell told the truth when he said he didnít use the word pleb. He struck me as an out and out liar intent on getting his own way.

---February 17, 2013---

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