Astrological Verse.

Transiting Pluto square Moon.

Your after image in my eye,
Your after presence in my heart,
And still your perfume lingers,
In this empty room,.

You've gone away,
I know to where,
To him,
He's more your type.

So why am I on fire,
With a desire,
For someone who for me is wrong,
Yet sings in my heart her song?

It breaks my heart,
Tears me aprt,
Inside an emptiness,
My mind cannot control.

My desire for what I know is wrong,
Does not to sense belong,
Such conflict insurmountable,
Now makes life demountable.

No need to cry or say goodbye,
I can't go on,
And also can't go back,
As I the courage lack.

My life has gone askew,
I'm torn in two,
My heart in such a stew,
Despair suggests what I should do.

So at my command,
Should my own hand,
This inner conflict end,
By letting death on me descend?

---February 17, 2013---

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