Working in
for free!

Is it slave labour

Isn't there supposed to be a law about a minimum wage? The government can now send an unemployed person to Poundland and force them to work for their government benefit and that's an awful lot less than minimum wage.

So, who in Poundland is friends with who in Westminster?

With this Westminster plan in force shouldn't it be possibe to say that if you pay taxes, the government should force someone on benefits to come and work for you completely free of charge?

Why not? If it's all right for Poundland, why shouldn't it be all right for you? (All you've got to do is teach your government supplied slaves to sweep floors, empty rubbish, make beds and/or stack shelves so you can say you have given them some work experience!!!!)


Many job seekers were forced to work 30 hours a week for six months unpaid. They did continue to get their Job Seekers Allowance but received nothing from Poundland - who were obviously laughing all the way to the bank. Think of all the employees they didn't have to hire at minimum wage because they were willing to train unemployed people in the art of sweeping floors and stacking shelves!

I'm sure that once a person had received a diploma from Poundland saying they were fully trained floor sweepers, they were able to go out into the market and demand whatever wages they wanted!

Hears the playing of the band,
With Cameron in command,
So it free labour can demand,
But in a profit’s wonderland,
The government - quite off-hand,
‘bout these actions underhand,
We surely stand on quicksand,
In this moral hinterland?

(Do refugees have to work somewhere for free to get their handouts?)

---February 13, 2013---

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