Human rights
animal rights

Thanks to the enlightenment of our great democratically elected leader, David Cameron, human rights are the key to our future. But doesn’t that mean we should also include animal rights?

Now a man can now marry a man if he so chooses but shouldn’t he also be allowed to marry his dog or his cat if he wishes?

Many men, for example, have a deep love for their sheep and shouldn’t a man who loves a sheep be allowed to marry the sheep of his life? This is the Cameron Age, an age of tolerance and enlightenment and so shouldn’t a man and a sheep who love each other be allowed to express that love in a deep, meaningful and physical way within the sanctity of a government approved marriage?

David Cameron, the ex Etonian schoolboy, has constantly told us of his great dream and of the caring society he hopes to build in this country. So if we care about both people and animals, it must follow that a man who loves his sheep should be allowed to marry that sheep.

When David Cameron finally makes the law which ensures we all respect both human and animal rights he will no doubt be willing to attend the first legal marriage between and man and a sheep. He will also, I am sure, provided he doesn't already have a pair of his own, be willing to graciously accept a gift of a pair of slightly oversized wellingtons so that, should he wish to do so, he can experience the delights of sheep love and know that with his Etonian schooling, he has achieved great things for this country.

---February 7, 2013---

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