Homosexual marriage
and the end
of society.

Westminstarians seem to forget that in the early months of 1930 the Nazis were just a smallish and rather disreputable fringe party. At the time, in Germany, there were many fringe parties and the Nazi Party was just one of them.

But three years later?

The thing about marriage is that it used to be a way a man could prove he wasnít a homosexual. But that is changing.

Now, how is even a skinhead going to prove he isnít a homosexual unless he goes round with a BNP or Combat18 armband?

Homosexual sex, being associated as it is with the stomach churning smell of excrement, is something many men like to distance themselves from. But now that saying youíre married no longer necessarily means youíre heterosexual, the road from here is going to be interesting.

Obviously only time will tell but my money says the changes are going to surprise our politicians.

In fact, I'm quite sure that if BNP and Combat18 were financial products, they would be well worth investing in.


Interestingly, we all know what would happen to the homosexual community if Sharia Law were to be established in Britain. Consequently, men who want to distance themselves from homosexuals could follow in the steps of George Galloway and grow a beard which made them look like a Muslim.

Thatís the funny thing about Sharia Law. Not so long ago my friends and I were all vehemently against the idea of Sharia Law in this country. But recently, having thought the matter through, weíve begun to wonder if it would be such a bad thing.

---February 5, 2013---

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