Abu Qatada & Friends.

Is it okay for ordinary people to evade tax?

I think Iíll say,
Tax evasion is okay,
Abu Qatada, to many just a louse,
Lives in a fine house,
Paid for by you and me,
By government decree.

But that home,
So handsome,
Better than yours or mine,
Makes us all look bovine,
He in luxury does reside,
And no doubt does us deride.

We also for his lawyers pay,
Does this justice not betray?
On our tax like satellites,
These parasites,
Claiming to be neighbours,
Feed upon our labours.

But why should we pay,
Those who politicians lead astray?
Though if to pay we choose,
To refuse,
We will to prison go,
For the sake of a scarecrow.

You can be sure,
If Abu Qatada some torture,
To say I think Iíll dare,
I really do not care,
The same for all his mates,
And legal associates.

---February 3, 2013---

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