Women in the Workplace.

Are men superior?

Man for rest did always long,
But having muscles strong,
He the ditches had to dig,
So work took all his time,
And he thought oft that life was slime,
As he could only rarely take a swig.

So he thought and thought,
And for an answer sought,
And being quite logical,
He slowly did decode,
A digger all mechanical,
Would from his muscles take the load.

But though diggers all mechanical,
Proved to be quite magical,
They did him not from work relieve,
Only more he could achieve,
And so it was a chore,
He of work did more.

Then he realised,
If a digger was computerised,
With buttons and a mouse,
It would suite his spouse,
As she could the digger operate,
And from work him liberate.

For female power,
Is today in flower,
So once he showed her what to do,
For him Xanadu,
As down the pub with his mates,
Pints, football and debates.

---February 1, 2013---

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