The Struggle for Godhead.

Who is the One and Only God?

Will it be Allah or Jehova?

Will it be the Christian or Muslim God who become ruler of our planet?

These are clearly two different and distinct beings and so it cannot be both.

In the past it was all simple enough. Allah was the God of all things in Muslim countries and Jehovah was the God of all things in Christian lands.

But the situation has changed dramatically; not least because many former Christians have begun to look on the Federal Reserve as the one and only God of all things.

But this change has allowed many millions of people who look on Allah as the one and only God to enter Christian lands and bring their beliefs with them.

But unfortunately, there has been very little in the way of Christians going to Muslim lands and doing something to balance this massive shift in religious demographics.

So the question now is, bearing in mind that democracy is our preferred political system, will those who believe Allah is the one and only God of all things force their views on those who believe Jehovah is the one and only God of all things? (The Federal Reserve doesn't stand a chance in this contest!)


This is going to be a battle between the two sons of Abraham. There was Ishmael who, with his mother, was cast out for being troublesome and Isaac, the apple of his parents' eyes. A battle of the Titans is certainly on its way and it may even turn out to be a war to end all wars.

---January 26, 2013---

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