Will we ever get
Our referendum?

Have you forgotten what happened when Bliar, to win his election, guaranteed us a referendum?

It never happened and even under Gordon Brown it still never happened.

So itís not unreasonable to suspect that all this talk about leaving the EU is really just an attempt to steal the UKIP vote and then, when the election is over, deceitful politicians will find reasons as to why a referendum is not possible just at the moment.

Personally, Iím not completely convinced that all this Conservative talk will actually lead to a referendum.

But, if we do get a referendum, it would be wise to vote to leave the EU.

Remember Ireland?

When the powers that be donít like the results of a referendum they simply have another one and then keep having referendums until they get the answer they want.

So, if there is a referendum and the vote is to leave the EU, thereíll probably be another referendum asking the same question and Brussels will pour billions and billions into the country to try and persuade the people to vote differently the next time. Then, as referendum follows referendum, theyíll keep doing this until they eventually get the answer they want. But in the meantime, the money they spend on trying to get the answer they want would do a lot to help our national deficit.

Goodness gracious! By continually voting to leave the EU we might even manage to pay off our entire national debt!!!!

---January 23, 2013---

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