Millions of Rumanian and Bulgarians
Are expected to come to Britain.

Millions of Rumanians and Bulgarians are expected to come to Britain. Many in the media are arguing about exactly how many will arrive on our shores in the near future, but my opinion is that a lot are going to come. Firstly, any Rumanian or Bulgarian who can put their foot on British soil is immediately entitled to the best medical care this country has to offer. Better health care than he or she would ever get at home. Health is wealth and so whatever else happens the immigrants are guaranteed the longest possible life - completely free of charge.

On top of that, at taxpayer expense, they have to be housed in reasonable accommodation and the word 'reasonable' will be decided by lawyers and judges who live in big houses in such places as Holland Park, Kensington and Richmond or Esher.

Then there’s money for food, electricity, gas, clothing and a TV license. On top of that they have to be given money for some light entertainment because if we didn’t give it to them, we’d be considered to be inhumane in our treatment of immigrants.

At the moment there isn’t much in the way of employment for indigenous British aborigines so there is unlikely to be much work for an extremely large number of new arrivals. There are even unlikely to be vacancies in the leaflet distribution business, which at the moment seems to be an occupation reserved for refugees and East European immigrants. (It's possible that, like Queen Boudica, trees hate immigrants too!)

So what are these immigrants going to do with their spare time. There’s an old saying that the Devil finds work for idle hands and so one can expect a fairly substantial increase in petty crime. Petty crime affects ordinary people like you and me in the form of muggings, pickpocketing and scams such as the finding of a gold ring in the street. But what else are these immigrants going to do with all that spare time?

Remember the case of Ahmed Ressam who was arrested in 1999 with a car full of explosives while on his way to blow up a crucial part of Los Angeles airport? He was a refugee in Canada and the recipient of all the benefits the Canadian government bestowed on refugees fleeing from ‘supposed’ political persecution. He, it was later discovered, spent his spare time in Canada stealing luggage and passports from unsuspecting travellers and making quite a comfortable ‘extra’ living.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Devil is always keen to find work for idle hands.


Nature has an act,
Which does on life impact,
And so fat cattle parasites attract,
And that's a heartless fact.

And then parasites weaknesses inflame,
And if this does not the cattle maim,
At least it makes them lame.,
But as cattle and society are life,
                            they must surely be the same.

Yet though a farmer can his cattle dip,
So dead parasites will from them slip,
Society grew strong because it did morals grip,
But parasites those morals now horsewhip.

For though a farmer can his cattle healthy keep,
When he away the parasites does sweep,
As parasites on our society themselves do heap,
We must eventually their harvest reap.

---January 17, 2013---

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