Refuting the Scientists.

What is the speed of light?

If you exceed the speed of light,
And approach me,
What will I see?
Before you leave, will I have to strive,
To see you first arrive?
But for this to do youíll must be bright.

If going away,
Wonít you vanish from my sight,
And cause for a while,
A mental plight,
I think is vile,
Iíll later say?

Right to left, left to right,
An equidistant arc,
Iím sure I would one day remark,
In all places at the same time,
Something quite sublime,
Has amazed my sight,

But time being absolute,
Means no matter how you strive,
You simply can ít arrive,
Before you leave,
And this I do believe,
As itís what absolutes compute.

Nor can you vanish,
While going away,
To play,
Because absolute time,
Does define,
You canít a wise mind punish.

To be in all places,
While I watch,
My mind as well should blotch,
But the absolute,
Is acute,
And no face can be faces.

Time being absolute,
Means it must be linear.
And canít even be bilinear.
For it stops things all happening at once,
Giving life its magic bounce,
And so with the above, I scientists refute.

---January 14, 2013---

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