The Age of Aquarius
is supposed to be
an age of
wisdom & enlightenment

But do you see any wisdom and enlightenment in the world around you?

Take a good look around and be sure of what you think.

Personally I can’t see any wisdom and/or enlightenment, no matter how hard I look.

Take the recent American Fiscal Cliff for example. America’s leaders got so caught up in their own petty squabbles that they couldn’t make a decision until the last moment. Then, to make matters even worse, they only made a partial decision.

Consequently, America’s leaders, all so keen to get their own petty way, have caused an enormous amount of damage to the world’s view of their country.

The result is that a large number of people who once looked up to America now look down on it and may even speak of that once great country with a sneer on their lips. And for what? What did these politicians hope to gain by squabbling over what were, realistically, nothing but petty issues?

Sadly, if we are to reach the Aquarian age of wisdom and enlightenment, I think it’s quite possible that humans, as a collective, will have to go through a three or four hundred year age of global barbarity. The barbarians must, for a while at least, once again rule our world.

The human collective has to be forced down into the core of its being so that it is able to find within that kernel of wisdom and understanding which can then be nurtured until finally, in six or seven hundred years, the darkness is left behind and the Aquarian qualities can finally flourish.

---January 5, 2013---

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