What's in a name?

Is there a magical mystery
to letters?
Is name numerology a fact?

Iíll begin by saying that when I first saw the Catherine Tate show I was somewhat horrified by the skit about Gingers. I really didnít believe sheíd get away with it and kept waiting for the media to start airing the angry complaints.

But nothing happened and I eventually concluded that this had been a subtle joke - appreciated only by those in the know.

But recently I was talking to a friend and found that many people have begun to dislike the gingers. In fact my friend told me that gingers, who he didnít really like, were really annoying because they kept insisting that they were strawberry blond and NOT ginger.

I was disturbed to see that this dislike of gingers had spread from a comedy show to real life and pointed out to my friend that ginger is an anagram for another word. A word for which some people actually get arrested for using.

So my friend wrote out the letters and try as he might, he couldnít find anything of note - at least not until I told him the first letter.

Then he got it!

But why do two seemingly unrelated words with the same letters end up invoking such a degree of dislike?

As Shakespeare said: There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than your philosophies have ever dreamed of.

---January 4, 2013---

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