The world has
already ended - 3.

Who says the world hasnít ended?

Look around. Check the papers, the TV, the radio and/or the internet. Do you see a single bright spot on the horizon?

Check around again. How many looming disasters do you see?

To me there is Plebgate which I think is going to have some serious long-term repercussions, the new insurance law which blatantly discriminates against women while the internet is turning out to be the world's greatest source of misinformation. In fact I've begun to ignore people who insist on quoting the internet as their source of information. Just look at Levison and Wikipedia! The Wikipedia fiasco has clearly demonstrated that although Wikipeadia is good, it is not something which can be relied on.

In America the fight doesnít seem to be about guns, but about the right of an individual to have a military assault weapon if they want one. When I was in the military, I was issued with a semi-automatic SLR which, when I was in Northern Ireland, rarely left my side. It was, as officers and sergeants kept telling me, my best friend and so I was under orders to guard it with my life. But as memory serves, I really donít see the need for a person in the street to have the right to keep one of these at home.

But America is America. Soon, no doubt, the gun lovers will be demanding the right to carry Davey Crockets on the back of their trucks. These weapons only fire a small nuclear device and are not dangerous, at least not when owned by a responsible member of a gun organisation. Anyway, they canít do much damage. The most they can do is obliterate a small town and so surely thereís no reason why a responsible American, who has the money, shouldn't be allowed to own one!

Despite the fact it's December 2012, I still feel as if Iím caught up in a social landslide and the whole structure of society is threatening to tumble down on top of me.

But who knows, I could be wrong. We have passed the twenty first!

---December 23, 2012---

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