December 21st.

Did the Mayans get it wrong?

Weíre almost there and itís clear that if the Mayans did get it wrong, they didnít get it wrong by much.

You only have to listen to politicians drone on about how dire our circumstances are to know this.

But more importantly, you have to remember that politicians are always obliged to put the best possible spin on everything they say. So all the gloomy things being said by politicians are actually the best possible things they can say about our situation and so in reality, things are much, much worse.

The news doesnít say much about other countries but I know French people who are furious with their government. So furious they could even be said to be fuming.

This probably also holds true for the Portuguese, Spanish, Greeks, Italians and Irish.

Events in Egypt suggest that the Arab spring seems to have bellied-up and Israel seems to think they can do what they like in Palestine without regard to what the rest of the world thinks.

Thereís also Syria and the many smaller conflicts around the world and thatís not to mention the problems of the American fiscal cliff and global warming.

The list of our troubles seems endless.

Consequently we can safely conclude that even if nothing actually happens on the 21st and we are all able to go to parties on the afternoon of Saturday, December 22nd, the Mayans were pretty close in their prediction.

Everything now is doom and gloom.


Even the one bright note on the horizon; the Katespectation, has turned sour.

Imagine if it had been you who put that call through. Well, anyone, after such a terrible mistake would have wanted to kill themselves, it would only be natural. But most people wouldn't actually have done it.

Alas the prank became a world joke. Even Prince Charles made a joke of it and how could you live if even the Royal Family was laughing at you?

The blame, in my view, lies squarely with the hospital. With such a high profile patient in their care they would have known that the world's hunger for news would have driven the media to try every trick in the book to try and know more. So why were they saving money on experienced receptionists/telephonists and delegating the job to a nurse who would have been far too inexperienced to deal with story hungry media people? (And probably also quite busy.)

This nurse, in my view, was a victim of capitalist greed and the desire to increase profits by cutting back on staff at every opportunity - even essential staff. It had to go wrong somewhere along the line.

It has to be remembered that an executive who saves the company money by cutting back on staff will find they are financially rewarded at bonus time - not to mention the possibility of future promotion - so when it comes to getting rid of staff they are often vicious and cruel. They want the money for themselves so why protect the privacy of the patients by spending money on trained receptionists when you can delegate the job to a nurse?

---December 6, 2012---

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