Legislating the press

Should there be statutory legislation to control the press?

So far, all the yelling and screaming in the media has been great fun.

I've really enjoyed listening to people from the press fight tooth and nail in an effort to defend their right to mark their own homework.

It all reminds me of cartoon shows like Popey and Donald Duck when characters become so angry and frustrated that they actually start blowing steam from their ears.

But, on a more serious level, self-policing organisations have always had a very poor record. We all remember Lloydís of London and from what Iíve read, the PCC has a very, very poor record when it comes to protecting the innocent from greedy press barons and their bonus-hungry editors.

But, should there be legislation to control the press?

Everybody seems to want to have their say in this matter and so I suppose Iíll add my sixpence worth to the mix. Why not?

Firstly, I think the thing to do is to draw up the legislation so that we all know exactly what we mean when we speak about legislating the press. At the moment, although many speak of the need to legislate, they obviously donít have a clear idea of what their words actually mean.

So letís first determine exactly what we mean by legislating the press and then we can decide on whether or not we wish to proceed.

---November 30, 2012---

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