Pay Day Loans?

Is democracy a lie?

It used to be that a democracy was about caring for those at the bottom; those who are poor, disadvantaged or just don't have a university degree in finance or economics.

But a capitalist society, such as the one we live in, is clearly all about those who are rich taking from those who, in the media, everybody pretends to be trying to help. But if the Westminster and media goody-goodies really cared about other people, why is there not a law limiting interest rates on any loan to a maximum of 30%?

The people who run our country are but wolves in sheep’s clothing. They pretend to care but when we see the pay day loan companies flourishing, we know that all these words of idealism are designed to do more for the speaker than for those spoken about. They are but insubstantial little soundbites floating across television screens.

---November 13, 2012---

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