Is the BBC in crisis?

Not likely!

The law says that you have to pay the BBC a lot of money, every year, just for the privilege of watching television - even if you never watch the BBC.

Do you think the politicians are going to change that?

After all this talk has died down the government will keep taking your money and although the lower echelons of the BBC will continued to be paid close to minimum wage, those at the top will continue to find excuses to keep stuffing their pockets with as much taxpayer cash as they can.

You pay your license fee or go to prison - even if you donít use the services offered. No free market forces here!

In my view the BBC should be a lot smaller but if that were to happen the bosses wouldn't be able to pay themselves so much. Most of their high pay is based on the fact they control a large corporation and so you can, as the years go by, expect the BBC to get larger and larger and larger and larger ad infinitum.

---November 12, 2012---

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