Don't Tell Them What You Think.

Silence is golden.

It is the evil of feedback,
That capitalists try your mind to ransack,
So they their profits can increase,
As bonuses to executives give peace.

But being acquisitive,
Executives will to you back nothing give,
So you should the small print read,
To see how it works their greed.

Donít fall into a trap,
Which on you will snap,
As trying to them help,
Could leave on your heart a welt.

So careful as you go,
Make sure you the pitfalls know,
Let executives do their own work,
As to them an unpaid helperís just a dork.

If you tell them what you think,
You will them wrap in mink,
While they laugh and hoot,
As they your goodness root.

---October 29, 2012---

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