Tony Blair

Great prophet of Moneyism

You should have heard him on the radio today.

He insisted that you can be whatever religion you like so long as you bow to the needs of the economy.

Any religion is great so long as its adherents obey the orders of those who control the economy.

Whatever a person believes, those beliefs cannot interfere with the way of the economy.

Democracy is great because it is in a democracy that big businesses really flourish.

Blair is probably our nationís leading Moneyist.

Heís a man who worships coloured pieces of paper!

So why is he so looked up to?

Especially since, despite the fact that he's an ex prime minister, he was pointedly not invited to the Royal Wedding.

Interestingly, during the interview he cleverly side-stepped any questions regarding his invasion of Iraq and letís not forget that back in 2001 he was gung-ho for the invasion of Afghanistan. It was going to be just so easy, wasnít it?

In the opinion of many, he is one of Britain's greatest ever hypocrites.

Remember also, although Tony Blair expresses great concern for the death toll in Syria, when it came to what he believed in, he was quite happy to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent non-combatants during the invasion of Iraq. He and his buddy George Bush simply shrugged their shoulders and referred to the deaths as collateral damage. They were, after all, fighting for democracy and the ultimate advancement of the world economy - not against it.

---September 17, 2012---

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