The religion of today.

Looking around at the world we live in its hard to deny that we are all moneyists
who worship the power of money, a power which, with help from science, is striving
to become omnipotent. Before long, it is hoped, those moneyists who have made
sufficient efforts to acquire as much money as they can may even become the possessors
of eternal life. Thanks to power of money, science will be able to keep them alive
forever. If you are a devout moneyist, one of those people could even be you.

So let us pray:

Money, money, money, money.
We love money,
For it can even make our eyes water.
We therefore want money,
More and more and more money,
We bow to money,
And the priests of money,
We forever will forgive.

Well do anything for money,
Money, money, money, money,
More and more and more money,
And know to look up to those,
Who possess more money.
Than us.
And their posteriors,
Well all gladly kiss.

When it comes to making money,
Anything goes,
As to money,
All things are subjective,
'cause making money's just so right,
It will any life make bright.

So humbly,
On the ground,
We prostrate ourselves,
Before money,
Money, money, money, money.


---September 14, 2012---

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