Should I be worried?

Being over the age of sixty I have to admit that every little act or forgetfulness causes me a great deal anguish.

Hereís what happened.

I got up early in the morning, moved my car to the private parking zone to avoid a ticket, drank some coffee, did some work and then went off to get the bus to London.

On the bus, I used a hand-held to do a bit more work and later, as we were trundling along through the Kent countryside, I began to wonder if Iíd remembered to move my car to the private zone. I didnít want a ticket but for one reason or another I couldnít specifically remember having moved the car. I kind of knew that Iíd done it, but the specific memory had disappeared and as I couldnít specifically remember having moved the car, I was faced with the question: had I or had I not moved the car?

Thirty five pounds for a parking ticket is an awful lot of money for someone on my income and the thought of getting such a fine can be very upsetting. So I fretted.

For some people parking ticket are not a problem. I was in Bond Street the other day and saw a traffic warding giving a ticket to a brand new Maserati parked on double yellow lines. Seeing this I really couldnít resist the urge to go up to the warden and say ĎAs if the owner of that car gives a hoot!í The warden, not being the humorous type, didnít respond but it occurred to me that parking tickets should be priced to the value of the car being ticketed. I canít park wherever I want because I canít afford the parking tickets but rich people donít care. A thirty five or even seventy pound parking fine to them would be like a fivepenny one to me so this whole system of parking fines is extremely unfair. An unfairness made of more sickening by the fact that the rich can often claim their parking tickets as legitimate a tax deduction; something you or I could never do.

So, letís demand that the government links the price of a parking ticket to the value of the car. If you or I in our old Ford Focus are given a thirty five pound ticket for a parking offence, a person in a Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley or Rolls Royce should get a five hundred pound fine for the same offence. Shouldnít we both suffer the same sense of loss for the same offence?

Anyway, to get back to the problems of my memory.

I was sitting on the bus and three hours after the event I really couldnít specifically remember having moved the car before leaving to catch my bus. Am I getting Alzheimerís or was it just an ordinary bit of forgetfulness? After all, even twenty year olds forget things.

So letís look at the work I was doing.

After moving the car I wrote this.


A Dollarist,
Can a profit not resist,
So a strike in a mine,
Which tries to the way define,
Will London's plans confuse,
And shareholders as well abuse,
So with bosses in a stew,
What can they do?

But what the hell,
Bosses talking money here,
Say let the bullets fly,
As even if the masses cry,
The media will make hay,
And talk forever of the day.

Words they will abound,
Thereíll be profits all around,
So bosses order ĎOpen fire,
Turn the ground to bloody mire,
The price of platinum is down,
So with media shares ourselves we'll gown,
As Dollarists we are,
Worshipping the greatest God by far.í


Then later, on the bus, before I found myself unable to remember a simple but important fact, I worked on this.



Everything is money,
So all must see,
Our God must be.

Get wallets in, send Ďem lighter out,
No one a rule must flout,
For inefficiency to rout,
They must all hearts be stout.

Left right, left right,
Efficiency has might,
Though if you get of eyes a sight,
Youíll see nothing bright.

Everyone the process,
Must process
And though they may the rules cause stress,
Whoíd accept a pay thatís less?

If money one would make,
And each week more home take,
All Dollarists must be,
To a moneyed future see.


So, in the final analysis, as I donít want people to think that Iím old, crotchety and barmy, I am going to insist that I was so busy between the point of parking the car and the point of being unable to specifically remember the act, my mind was perfectly entitled to have disposed of some memories in favour of retaining others.


Note on Dollarism. The American Dollar has the words 'In God we trust' written upon it. But now that the dollar has become a god in its own right, perhaps the wording should be changed to say: 'In Me all trust'.

---August 19, 2012---

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