Capitalistic Holy Days.

It was the law,
In days of yore,
To church on Good Friday,
The people went to pray,
So they'd see ahead the road,
And know their moral code.

But now on Holy Days,
In old ways no one prays,
For in our degeneracy,
Which we call democracy,
On these Holy Days we shop,
Sometimes till we drop.

For if we would today decode,
What it is our moral code,
There is for this provision,
On television,
With programs popular,
And morally quite muscular.

So should you long,
To know right from wrong,
So you your life won't botch,
You must East Enders watch,
As you'll there meet people nice,
Who'll give you good advice.

You will also nice folk meet,
On Coronation Street,
Where right they always try to do,
And the bad eschew,
So viewers all will therefore know,
The good way they should go.

For it is now in soapies,
You find moral therapies,
Showing all that's nice is right,
While nasty people do the wrong,
And to society just don't belong,
As they our world just blight,

So the capitalist solution,
To what is right and wrong,
So all in spirit will be strong,
And be people nice,
So all will place on them worthwhile price,
Is found today on television.

---April 12, 2012---

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