Attack State Red

Adrenaline rush.

              Attack State Red by Colonel Richard Kemp & Chris Hughes is about as close as you can get to actually being in Afghanistan with the Royal Anglians. Itís battle, up close and personal, with lads of the Game Boy generation and reading it, one canít help but wonder if all the criticism levelled at computer games and their affect on young minds is justified.
              However, despite the great effort put in by the British Army and their successes, itís easy to see that this war is far too expensive to wage over any extended period of time. It costs a lot to clear just a dozen Taliban from an area and I remember my military days in which being allowed to fire 40 rounds on a rifle range was quite a treat. The government of the day didnít like us practising on the range because it was too expensive!
              Nevertheless, anyone with only a slight interest in what is happening in Afghanistan is almost certain to enjoy this book.

---March 20, 2012---

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