A Genius at Work.

For the thinking individual, The Ascent of Man by Jacob Bronowski
has probably got to be the best thing that ever happened on television.

This is a seriously good series and if you havenít got time to read Aristotle or Plato, you can watch Bronowski. In years to come people may well say the name Bronowski in the same breath they say names like Aristotle, Plato, Einstein or Freud.

Bronowskiís name may not be renowned for any great discoveries of his own, but that is a mistake. His great discovery was to find a way in which to present this dazzling aray of ideas in a manner which could be understood by anyone of reasonable intelligence. Also, along with the ideas of great people who have preceded us, there are a lot of new ideas in this series which, as best I can tell, are Bronowskiís own.

This series is, if you like, a synthesis of history and Bronowskiís own way of looking at humanity and the nature of humanness. Thatís probably what makes it so great.

Sadly, Bronowski died shortly after making this series but it is impossible to deny that he has left humanity a great legacy.


Much to my surprise Kent library cannot lend this series and neither can Westminster. In HMV it costs £28 though on Amazon it's only £14.99 with free postage. CEX, when they had a copy in stock used to sell it for £12 but I don't know what they're charging now.

----March 17 2012---

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