Boycotting Chinese goods.

For those who are listening the call for a boycott of Chinese goods is growing
louder and louder and I would like to add my voice to the call.

China is getting richer, which is fine by me. But Chinese people have a passion for
ivory, rhino tusks and the remains of dead tigers and in consequence, poachers around
the world are doing great business supplying the Chinese demand for these product.

But what about the animals? Elephants, rhinos and tigers donít understand either
the complexities of capitalism or the rapaciousness of human greed. Added to this
is the fact that the Chinese government is clearly not trying to help. It seems
completely disinterested.

If the Chinese government is not going to take clear and decisive action to help
these endangered animals, itís surely time for the people of the world to take
matters into their own hands and do what they can to deprive China of the means (or
the money) to destroy the worldís wildlife.

Obviously, the state of the world economy is such that itís next to impossible for
anyone to never buy a product which is made in China. But until the Chinese
governments takes decisive action against the wholesale slaughter of these animals,
I have decided not to buy anything made in China unless itís either second hand or
absolutely essential.

If you care about wildlife, look for the made in China sign and if possible, turn
your back on it.

---February 12, 2012---

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