Dishonest Britain

It all started with the rich upper-crust who, after making fortunes during the industrial revolution, in their quest for more and more money, started pulling dishonest stunts. In consequence, we now suffer from trickle down dishonesty.

Remember the Lloyds Names scandals? The rich people at Lloyds, who were in the know, quickly offloaded their asbestos liabilities onto others. Henry Cooper was a working class lad made good, but he wasn’t one of ‘them’ so ‘they’ were happy to make him a name in a syndicate destined to lose millions.

Then there’s the banks. I got hit by one of their scams. At Barclays I opened their best savings account and put quite a bit of money into it. I then went overseas confident in the belief that Barclays would take care of my money for me. But while I was away Barclays introduced a new ‘best’ account but that didn’t mean that I just had their second best account. Because there was a new ‘best’ account Barclays downgraded my account, which had been their best, to their worst. Interest rates fell, if I remember correctly, from about 11% to 0.25%. On top of this they didn’t bother telling me about the change. When I found out the bank claimed it was ‘MY’ fault because I should have been going into the branch every day to check on what interest my account was paying. It was, they said, my responsibility to keep an eye on how Barclays was changing its interest rates and change accounts accordingly. In consequence, Barclays, at least in their view, were innocent of any wrongdoing.

All the major banks pulled this stunt, devised by executives who were earning multi million pound bonuses, and in the end the government had to bring out laws to stop them from continuing to use these underhanded tactics.

But when it comes to dishonest upper class Britain, the rich, the above is just the tip of the iceberg.

But then, if it's okay for the rich to be dishonest, how can anyone rightfully say that it is not okay for the less well off to be dishonest?

Dishonest Britain? It’s simply a case of trickle down dishonesty.

---January 25, 2012---

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