The Economic Collapse

Is it the governments fault?

When you walk the streets you see big signs: call us now and find out about our special deals on 0800 -

But the first thing to remember is that you canít use your mobile phone to call that number because on a mobile, all 0800 numbers are charged at a premium rate. They are not part of your contract minutes, no matter how much you pay each month. Worse, with most networks itís horrendously expensive to make 0800 calls.

Intelligent people donít call 0800 numbers from their mobiles. But why has the government allowed the mobile networks to damage the business community by charging excessive fees for calling what is, in reality, only a land line number? Does it smell of incompetence? Corruption maybe? How about the idea that the government deliberately supports this policy in order to give the (extremely rich) mobile phone companies a helping hand to develop their business?

Also, a lot of businesses and even hospitals have switched to using 0845 numbers because they say itís cheaper for the customer. What a joke!!!!! Try ringing a 0845 number from your mobile and you will be charged a considerable amount of money. On mobiles, any number beginning with 08 is charged at a premium rate. But why has the government allowed this to happen?

Will the death of British business end up being the governmentís fault?


Breakdown on the road and see how much it costs you to call the AA or the RAC. Although people who breakdown are usually forced to use their mobile phones to call for help, these companies do not advertise a regular land line number, only their 0800 numbers. (Seriously expensive from a mobile.)

And here's the nasty bit. Although some people say that you can dodge this premium call cost by going to, this source will give you an alternative number to call. BUT, this alternative number to the RAC, for example, will NOT accept breakdown calls - something I found to my cost. To call for breakdown emergency on a mobile phone, you can only use the premium 0800 number which, when I broke down, was over 50p a minute.

---January 22, 2012---

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