Seven Deadly Colours.

              Firstly Iíll say that I'm a little biased.
              Having lived in Sydney for over twenty five years, Iím always happy to promote a good book by a Sydney-sider.
              Secondly I will say that this book is quite technical and that in parts it was a bit, sometimes even a lot, over my head.
              However, I can say that on the whole, this is a most interesting book which deals with how predators see prey and how prey try to avoid being seen by those wishing to gobble them up.
              As it deals so much with camouflage this book is essential reading for anyone in the military. Artists would also find it valuable as there is usually a big difference between what an artist paints and what the viewers actually see.
              The only negative thing I have to say is that Andrew Parker, like many others, has taken up the bad habit of trying to pluralise the word fish. He forgets that: There is a fish in the river, there are many fish in the river, there are billions of fish in the river. You canít pluralise the word fish. (David Attenborough does it as well!)

---December 28, 2011---

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