Why human cloning
is impossible.

              The hypothesis of the solar mind concerns astrology and the development of the human mind. But by its very nature, this hypothesis means that it is impossible to clone a human being.
              You might be able to clone the body but the mind and spirit can never be cloned.
              To put it another way, you might be able to clone the suitcase, but you’ll never be able to clone the contents.
              To read more about the solar mind you will have to look through this site for issues of Pot-Pourri magazine; issues one, two and four. (I never bothered with a fifth issue because nobody seemed to be interested.)


              Have been promoting my hypothesis on the solar mind since the mid nineties but the idea of linking it to human cloning came from a Canadian drama series I have recently been watching called ReGenesis. In one episode the leader of a religious cult was claiming that the second coming of Jesus Christ was going to be the result of cloning. Someone, the preacher claimed, was going to find some blood on an ancient nail. They would then extract the DNA and presto, Jesus would be reborn. But if there is anything in the concept of the Solar Mind, such a thing would be quite impossible.

---December 26, 2011---

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