Who Killed
President Kennedy?

              The controversy lives and many people are still claiming an answer to the mystery. But this hilarious autobiography by Tip OíNeil, a man who was a close friend of President Kennedyís, will show that there is still a lot to consider.
              He was actually at Kennedyís inauguration and when he first heard the news of the assassination, his impulse was to protect Kennedyís family and smooth things over as quickly as possible. All Democrats felt the same way and so Kennedy was laid to rest with as little fuss as possible - and very few questions.
              But something was not quite right and many Democrats who had been in Dallas on that fateful day agreed. OíNeil doesnít try to solve the problem in his book, he only states that immediately after the assassination, many of the high ranking politicians who were in Dallas on the day had some doubts about the official explanation.
              But more importantly this book is virtually a laugh-a-page and a great political story.
              Also, if you think politicians are crooked in this day and age, you should read about what Tip OíNeil and his cronies got up to when they started out in politics. One of the tricks was to send in a Chinese man to vote for the Democrats several times because they found that if he wore a different hat each time he entered the polling station, everyone there automatically assumed it was a different man!!
              This book is not to be missed by anyone interested in politics and it is available on Amazon (USA)
              (Itís been several years since I read this book but when it comes to politics, be it in the UK or America, itís as valid today as it was the day it was published. The story I best remember was that Tip OíNeil was in the Oval Office when Raegan decided to invade Grenada. It was OíNeil who suggested to the president that as Grenada was a British Commonwealth country, it might be an idea for him to ring Mrs. Thatcher and tell her of his decision. Raegan didnít really want to make the call but protocol demanded he do so and, OíNeil recalls, that he could hear Mrs. Thatcherís voice coming through the handset and the way Raegan spluttered, stumbled and stuttered his way through the conversation, he couldn't help but assume that Mrs. Thatcher was not very happy with the presidential decision! This decision, according to OíNeil, was taken to try and compensate for the military loss in Beirut and by invading Grenada Raegan hoped to put the American military back on the map.
              If you can get a copy of this book, don't miss it. It's a hoot.
              Incidentally: what was President Kennedy thinking about while he was being inaugurated? You'll have to read the book to find out, but it really is a surprise.

---December 20, 2011---

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