Phone Hacking.
Was Everybody doing it?

              This is a very entertaining book in which Sharon Marshall tells us about her life as a tabloid hack.
              In the end, the unpleasant life and the feelings of guilt about the deceitful things she had to do forced her to leave the paper which although she never actually names, was probably the News of the World.
              What is amazing about this book is that Sharon talks about all the terrible and unpleasant things she had to do to get a story but at the end, she lauds all the other journalists she worked with and insists that they are a wonderful bunch of caring human beings!! Was she afraid that if she told the truth, the journalists still at the paper would get her back?
              As she nears the end of this autobiography she confesses to the fact that voice mail hacking was something everybody did and even explains how it can be done. She even, if I remember correctly, did it herself.
              In consequence, how can senior managers at tabloid papers continue to insist that they didnít know anything about it?

---December 19, 2011---

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