The Swinging Sixties.

              If you’re in your sixties this is a book to refresh your memories.
              However, although we lived though the sixties, most of us didn’t really understand what was happening.
              Day after day the headlines jumped out at us, but behind the scenes, what did they mean?
              This book puts the sixties into perspective and suddenly, after all these years, the memories begin to make sense.
              I would, however, like to point out that even in the sixties I thought the film ‘Blow Up’ was rather stupid and for the life of me, I just couldn’t understand why people were talking about it.
              (Later in the early seventies, the play Hair also struck me as being rather stupid and again I really couldn’t understand what people were talking about. Boobs? I had only to take a short walk to Soho and for less than the price of the theatre ticket I could have seen more, bigger and better boobs than were flashed on that distant stage in front of me. I have since discovered that the full frontal male nudity was supposed to shock the audience, but I wasn't shocked, I just thought it was stupid. Astrology? I wasn’t into astrology in those days but having recently read ‘True As The Stars Above' by Neil Spencer, I can see that all astrological references in the play were pretty stupid too.) (As a matter of Interest I will note that I was so disgusted with this play that I have never been to the theatre since.)
              Still, reading this excellent book has put it all those years into perspective and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who lived through that period and who, like me, had this crazy notion that the sixties were great and that we were all really swinging.

---December 13, 2011---

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