Great Seers of the Past.

              This book, They Saw Tomorrow, by Charles N. Gattey is extremely interesting and well researched.
              It's not to be missed by anyone interested in this subject.
              Personally Iíve always been a great fan of Cheiro and was delighted to see that he wasnít just a dreamy eyed New Ager who walked around with his head in the clouds. Besides his interest in the Occult he was something of a womaniser and even once got stabbed and seriously wounded by a jealous husband. However, although he also had a yen for business endeavours he wasnít so successful and eventually found himself forced into bankruptcy. (Something his skills as a seer didnít enable him to anticipate.)
              My favourite anecdote is the story concerning the son of Nostradamus who sought to follow in his fatherís footsteps. Unfortunately, he was dismally unsuccessful and eventually, in desperation, he predicted that a certain town which was being besieged by the Kingís troops would burn to the ground. Then to make sure his prediction came true he tried to set fire to the town himself. Alas, he was caught in the act and executed.
              However, although stories concerning past predictions are very interesting, when it comes to predictions made for the period after the bookís publication they are not very impressive. A well known clairvoyant predicted that Mrs Thatcher would only be in Number 10 for a short while and in 1985, during the time of the comet, there would be a woman in the White House. (That could, of course, have been Nancy Reagan and her star gazing friend Joan Quigley who, together, exerted an enormous influence over the president.)

---December 6, 2011---

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