Private Armies

              This book is a must read. When it comes to my views of what we might expect in the future, it has changed them all considerably.
              Itís true that Blackwater is no longer in the news and that is partly because it has changed itís name to Acadimi but as Shakespeare might have said: A turd by any other name smells just as foul.
              Also, if youíre thinking of writing a novel, making a movie or producing a television drama this book has to be unmissable. Thereís enough here to inspire no end of good plots and the only frightening thing is that here itís all true.
              To give but one example, whatís to stop a large military corporation seeking a government contract from actually starting a war? As many of these corporations now have their own espionage departments, theyíd have all the information they need to cause the right kind of trouble. The list of the trouble these people can cause is endless and it will all be so they can (legally) earn bigger profits. (Maybe in an effort to protect their profits they might try, in subtle ways, to prevent peace agreements. They do have enough money for such activities and money spent would simply be money invested.)
              A final point I'd like to mention is that once you've read this book you'll know that when politicians say the invasion of Iraq had nothing to do with oil, they're telling the truth. The powerful people who pushed the president into war had no interest in oil. Their interests were in the fabulous contracts the companies they were associated with would pick up due to the privatisation of military logisitics. In fact, they really did try to push Clinton into invading Iraq and nearly succeeded, but the succulent lips of Monica Lewinsky blew their plans right out of the water. You might even say that Monica was the best thing that ever happened to Clinton.

---November 18, 2011---

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