BBC Drivel

If you listen to BBC Radio 4 or the World Service you
might be familiar with the miseries thrust upon listeners.

Knowledgeable people,
Say intelligent things,
About important topics,
But on the hour and half hour,
Everything turns sour,
As vacuous fools,
Spout emotive drivel,
Regarding upcoming BBC shows.

              Itís terrible! One is listening to someone knowledgeable say something important and is just about to nod their head in agreement when the BBC throws a bucket of emotive drivel in their face.
              But the trouble is, switching off from the BBC and their emotive drivel also means switching off from people with opinions which, whether one agrees or disagrees, are important to listen to.
              The BBC tries to escape its responsibility by claiming these are merely trailers for future programs. But the truth is that a trailer is an advertisement and as an advertisement, by any other name, is a commercial, it is now impossible to say that the BBC is commercial free.
              Although these many commercials may be commercials for BBC products, a commercial is a commercial and so is there any reason now why the government should not flog the whole organisation off to commercial interests and use the money paid to save us from our financial problems?
              A thought worth thinking about.

---October 20, 2011---

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