Emma Peel
And the house that Jack built.

              In a most interesting 1966 episode of The Avengers, although all ended well, Mrs. Peel did not out-think the computer. If it hadn't been for the unexpected criminal with the shotgun shell which supplied the gunpowder, she would never have been able to have blown up the machine's brain and escaped. Eventually she would have been obliged to use the suicide chamber.
              So what are the chances that, in our inability to escape our own desire for automation, we will end up destroying all that is human within us? Computers, due to our love of automation, may well turn us all into nothing but passive, reproducing robots. Humanoid robots maybe, but still only robots.
              In the future we will all have to be passive and obedient or automation simply won't work. Those few who don't want to be passive and obedient reproducing robots will be forced to conform by the will of the lazy majority who do want full automation to work. Individuality will be the enemy of the state. Or, the democratic desire of the many will, through force, rule over the individualistic desires of the few.
              Eventually, when we finally manage to recover from this present financial crash, our future is not one of robots and docile cybernauts catering to our every whim. Our computerised, fully automated systems will simply turn us all into unthinking zombies. (We will be the robots. Only state approved thoughts will be permitted because all other thoughts will be deemed to be a threat to the success of our automated society. In consequence, a person's success and prosperity will never again be down to them and their initiative, at the moment of birth they will be put on an automated, computerised conveyor belt and will have to remain on it until the day they die.)
              We are always, as has been said many times, prisoners of both our time and our society.

---September 28, 2011---

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