Is Islam
A Religion of Peace?

              On television and radio Muslim leaders are constantly insisting that their’s is a peaceful religion.
              But a book which I found most illuminating on the subject is ‘The End of Faith. Religion, Terror and the Future of Reason’ by Sam Harris.
              This book received a great deal of critical acclaim in the media and if you happen to find a copy in your library, you can see this for yourself.
              But extracts from the Koran published here, and there are many, do not suggest peace of any sort. There are so many exhortations to fight and kill the infidel or unbelievers that I sometimes wonder if these spokespeople for the Muslim faith have taken lessons in ‘spin’ from Tony Blair, Alistair Campbell and Peter Mandelson.
              At the end of the day, these calls to war in the Koran exhort believers to fight and be willing to die in the defence of Islam. This means that if a Muslim wants to go to Paradise he or she has to look on anyone who even criticises their religion as a dangerous infidel.
              However, it isn’t only the Muslims who are criticised in this book, all religions are attacked in ways which give pause for thought. Sam Harris is, after all, an atheist and if you want a different perspective on the various religions of the world, this is a very worthwhile read.

---September 25, 2011---

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