Scientists Baffle Me.

              Donít misunderstand me. Iíve read many books on science and can say with confidence that many of them are really brilliant.
              I also love my scientific documentaries and, even if my financial circumstances force me to buy them second hand on ebay or from CEX, I watch as many as I can.
              At the moment Iím watching Dr. Brian Coxís Wonders of the Universe and think thereís something in here (first programme) which relates to the comments people are making about the recent riots in London and the moral values of our youth.
              But, getting back to the point. Scientists say that the universe is expanding, which is fair enough. But what is it expanding into? Iíve been told that it is empty space but where did that empty space come from in the first place? Scientists donít seem to want to tell anyone about that.
              In the beginning there was a singularity which was followed by a big bang. Fair enough, But one problem is that the big bang couldnít have happened if there was a 100% singularity, there had to be something to set it off. A detonator. But what was that detonator?
              Nevertheless, that incidental point aside, once the big bang happened and the universe began to expand, how come there was empty space for it to expand into?
              I would pursue this line of thought but have already started on my eveningís Guinness, so will get back to this thorny problem another time.


              If, as some scientists say, nothing exists outside the universe, do we live in some kind of cosmic Tardis in which the interior continually grows bigger and more spacious while the exterior remains unchanged?
              Maybe everything within the singularity is shrinking in such a way that, although the borders of the singularity remain constant, we all, losing sight of the singularity, think the universe is expanding. (As everything shrinks, relative distances increase and so there is an illusion of expansion.)
              Interestingly, some scientists say that the Big Bang began by creating the space into which the rest of the universe expanded. But space, empty or otherwise, did not exist before the big bang.
              There's also another problem. If a 'space creator' created the space into which the universe expanded it must, be it a particle or a wave, be able to travel faster than the speed of light. After all, it had to create the space into which the light could expand and so it had to travel at a higher speed.
              Ergo, light cannot be the fastest thing known to science, the space creator is.


              Finally, after finishing the series I will note that in the end I got a bit fed up with Brian Cox and now don't watch or listen to him any more. Watch his programmes and you'll see that it's all I, me, me, me and everything is beautiful. His excessive use of the first person singular suggests to me that he is far more interested in being the knowledgeable scientist than he is in the science he is speaking about. (When he totally ignored the pilots who flew him around and even refused to acknowledge their existance, that was it for me. I've forgotten him.)

---August 26, 2011---

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