Legend of the Cornation Stone.

              The Stone of Scone, in ancient astrological lore, has an interesting history.
              Legends suggest that it was the stone on which Jacob rested his head at Bethel when a blessing of the Lord was given. Jacob gave this stone to Joseph and it was preserved through the Egyptian captivity and later formed the seat of Solomon’s Throne in Jerusalem. (No mention of King David.)
              After the Babylonians sacked Jerusalem it was brought to King Heremon of Ireland by his marriage to a daughter of King Zedekiah, the last king of Judah. This princess of the Royal House of Judah, legend relates, escaped from Babylonian captivity and the escape is even recorded in the Book of Jeremiah (Chapter xliii) where it states that the King’s daughters escaped ‘and came into the land of Egypt and even to Tahpanhes.’ After the marriage the stone became the Coronation Stone of the Irish Kings until Fergus O’Moore took it with him to Scotland when he became King of Argyll in A.D. 487. Then for more than 800 years each king of Scotland was crowned on it until Edward I brought to London in 1298.
              Interestingly, Cheiro, a famous palm reader and seer of the Victoran era, believed that this stone will eventually be restored to the Israelites and set up in a reconstructed city of Jerusalem.
              More information can be found in: Cheiro’s World Predictions published in 1937. (Page 60) (However, despite Cheiro’s interest in Numerology, I didn’t find the date September 11, 2001 in it. For the most part the predictions were all quite vague. But he did predict war with Japan and did state that this war would not be ended by force of arms, but maybe he just meant force of conventional weaponry.) (He also believes that the British and Americans are descendants of a mix between the Phoenicians and the 10 lost tribes of Israel. This is because instead of trying to cross ferocious and barbaric Europe to reach the British Isles, they simply sailed around it.)

---August 5, 2011---

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