A big problem

              If you are a member of the RAC or the AA and you break down, the big problem is that you have to call the service from your mobile phone on a 0800 number.
              The number for the RAC is 0800 82 82 82 and if called from a mobile phone it will cost a great deal, no matter what company you are with or what your contract is.
              0800 numbers are not included in contract minutes and always cost extra. (You should check with your company to find out just how much more.)
              Why have the RAC and the AA not offered an alternative land line number for those using a mobile phone? If they offered a land line number, the call would be included in your contract minutes and not cost any extra.
              I never call a 0800 number from my mobile and by checking on
              But alas, although I found an alternative land line number for the RAC, when I did actually break down, this number would not connect me to the breakdown service and so I had to dial the 0800 number. It was a premium rate call.

---July 10, 2011---

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