and the
end of the world

Was he correct?

Nostradamus predicted the end of the world in 1999 and if we say the Americans totally lost it after the attack on the World Trade Centre, it is possible to say that our world ended at that point.

To give an example. The collapse of the towers was actually a process. Therefore, in time, when did the twin towers actually collapse? When they were struck by the aeroplanes? When the topmost parts began their final descent to the ground? When they had completely collapsed into the ground?

You could expand this argument and ask if the end actually occurred when Bin Laden decided to launch the attack. This may well have been in 1999 after the Clinton administration attacked his compound in Afghanistan with cruise missiles in 1998.

Since the collapse of the twin towers our road has been downhill all the way and, bearing in mind the momentum weve developed since then, this downhill path is likely to continue. So if we said that the end of the world occurred in 2001 because that was the point in which the world we knew and understood collapsed, that would put Nostradamus, over a four hundred and fifty year span, just two years out in his prediction. (An error margin of less than half a percent.)

But if we say that Bin Laden decided to attack the towers in 1999 and the success of this attack led, eventually, to the death of our civilisation, then Nostradamus could be considered to have been 100% accurate in his prediction.

Its all a question of perspective. When will it be said our world ended? Was it in 1999, the time the attack was (probably) decided on? Was it in 2001, the time the attack proved successful? Or will it be in 2???, the time when almost all of us are dead and the few survivors, if any, are living in caves?


The above assumes that we are in the process of final collapse but then, if you really wanted to expand your imagination, by studying cause and effect you could say that the collapse actually began at the moment of the Big Bang. You could, if you wanted to stretch your imagination, go even further and say it all began before the Big Bang.

But talking of cause and effect, I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that sex is murder because sex leads to conception and any being, having once been conceived, must eventually die. (Sex creates death and is therefore a form of murder. If there was no sex, there'd be no death.)

---June 10, 2011---

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