There was a time,
When to the world’s mind,
Eugenics was quite fine,
And all to it were kind.

But a mind which wouldn’t rest,
And knew as well no fear,
Did suggest,
An idea.

Isadora Duncan it said and,
Bernard Shaw,
Should together band,
And sexually each other paw.

The resulting offspring,
Both beautiful and intelligent,
Would wonders of the future sing,
And be of the way an agent.

But Shaw did complain,
Saying the idea was no good,
And so was to him a pain,
As clearly no one understood.

For the unfortunate offspring might possess,
To everyone’s distress,
A body like Shaw's own,
With a brain by the actress sown.


(I think this story came from ‘The Monkey Puzzle’ by John Gribben and Jeremy Cherfas.
A most interesting book and one I recommend to anyone interested in human evolution.)

---June 8, 2011---

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