There's an impression,
Thereís been of religion a revision,
And the pulpit now the television,
With telegenics on a mission,
To control our moral vision.

For often with precision,
There is of frowns transmission,
To control the progression,
Of morals our dimension,
And though thereís no admission,
Thereís TV and conversion.

For with frown power in commission,
Old ways they decommission,
So new ideas have dispersion,
And with a hint of aggression,
Such is the expression,
The masses for obedience have compulsion.

Democratic capitalism the persuasion,
There must in the world with this be fusion,
So telegenics with a passion,
For fame and wealth as a possession,
Have for nice and right an obsession,
With extra nice as the illusion.

So letís not have confusion,
Telegenics preach the decision,
And there should be no dissension,
We must all a money world envision,
As for only capitalism is there provision,
And itís forbidden a division.

---June 4, 2011---

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