Capitalism is getting nasty.

              Have you noticed that every time you are asked to ring a customer service number you are expected to dial a 0845 number?
              When calling from your mobile any number beginning with 0845 is charged at a premium rate and is usually extremely expensive because premium numbers such as this are not included in your contract minutes - no matter what deal you have signed up to. They always cost extra.
              Boots Customer Care is but one example. When out and about and dependant on your mobile, if you have a problem with something you bought at Boots, it can be seriously expensive for you to ring the company and ‘talk’ about your problem.
              Want to renew your insurance policy? Most companies now want you to phone them on a 0845 number. Why this is so I do not know, but it will cost a lot if you call from your mobile.
              Believe it or not even hospitals have started to demand that everyone, mobile phone users included, call them on 0845 numbers. Even when you are enquiring about the health of a patient!
              Not a joke.
              But that’s Capitalism. Most people don't know that to ring a 0845 or 0800 number on a mobile incurs costs over and above the normal monthly payment, yet anyone who looks on company websites can find it difficult, if not impossible, to find out exactly how much extra it costs to a 0800 or 0845 number.
              Yup! That's Thatcherism.


              When I rang to enquire BT told me that 0845 numbers were special low cost numbers. This may be so when using a regular phone, but when using a mobile, they are very expensive to dial. In fact, these numbers are so expensive to call from a mobile it's surely wiser for companies wanting your business to offer you an alternative land line number to call.

---June 2, 2011---

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