astrologers, clairvoyants, card readers and palmists
are important to our society

              The science community may like to scoff at people who practice the New Age arts, but in terms of the good of society, these people are a very necessary part.
              For example: (I will use myself in this.) Like most people I have my off days. Itís not that I feel sick or anything like that but I do feel ill at ease and get concerned about my life, my relationships and the direction in which I am headed.
              Consequently, I need to talk to someone and I also need to talk about me.
              Unfortunately I canít really plague my friends with this kind of conversation. Although most are certain to be sympathetic, they are unlikely to be pleased by these emotional demands and might well be inclined to be less friendly in the future.
              I certainly canít see a psychologist or a psychiatrist because my problems are not that serious. I would also rather not see this kind of professional because they might decide that I am psychologically not well and could, if they so chose, have me locked up or forcibly medicated. Although many might say my fears are unreasonable, I donít know all of the law regarding this matter and there could be all kinds of hidden traps. To give an example, for years now Iíve been slotting DVDs and CDs into my computer drive to watch movies and also move music files from a CD to my ipod player. I didnít think I was doing anything wrong because I wasnít trying to cheat anyone, but only the other day I discovered that this was a highly illegal activity and had the police found out about it, they could have arrested and charged me. So, if in my present state of emotional uncertainly I chose to see a professional, whatís to say there isnít some obscure law which would give him or her legal powers over both me and my future? Obviously, for anyone who isnít brimming with self-confidence, itís best to play it safe and stay away from these kinds of people.
              So, having decided that it could be unwise to see a professional, how about a social worker of some kind? Well, as I said, my problems are not that serious. I do have some doubts about myself, my relationships and my life, but I certainly donít want others accusing me of wasting their time.
              So what am I to do?
              Well, what I can do is see a practitioner of the New Age arts. For £50 or so I will get forty minutes to an hour of conversation which is all about ME. Me and my problems, Me and my uncertainties. Me and my relationships. Me and my hopes. Me and my aspirations.
              A whole session in which the whole subject of conversation is Me and only me. A wise practitioner of these arts is usually clever enough to let me, the customer, take the lead and show them the direction the consultation should take. There is also nothing for me to fear because even if I am seen to be a bit emotionally or mentally unstable, what can a lowly regarded New Age practitioner do about it? Iím safe.
              I can also say whatever I like because the practitioner doesnít know who I am or where I live and so when the consultation is finally over Iím almost certain to feel better. Especially as I will be walking away with the usual promise that everything will soon get better and I might even get a letter or email containing good news from someone I havenít heard from in a while.
              So, problem cured thanks to the existence of these New Age people. Best of all, it only cost me £50 or so. But I have, however, had an opportunity to indulge the ME factor and get many of my doubts and fears out into the open where they can be more readily dealt with.
              There is, however, one slight danger. Indulging the ME factor can become quite addictive and to avoid these dangers I do need the professional bodies to bad-mouth the New Age practitioners. Otherwise, I might so enjoy this time where the subject of conversation is only about ME that I might start spending all my money on various astrologers, clairvoyants, card readers and palmists and that could become a problem.

---May 19, 2011---

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