Is it a stain on our society?

              In the above picture, how would you feel if you were the worm?
              Shouldn’t something be done to protect the worms?
              Does anyone care or are we, as a society, institutionally wormist?
              Wouldn’t it be an idea if someone started a charity to protect the worms from the rapacious feeding habits of the birds?
              If someone did, such is the suffering of the worms at the hands of the heartless birds, wouldn’t they be able to demand a thrice yearly spot on the BBC Radio 4 appeal? Wouldn’t they also be entitled to apply for funds from the National Lottery to help stop this cruelty? Should dedicated, sympathetic people who feel for the worms be gathered into groups of chuggers and sent out into the streets of our country to accost people as they walk by and wake them up to the plight of the worms? Why shouldn't people be reminded of this terrible suffering and asked to contribute to the cost of fighting it?
              What are Y-O-U going to do to help?
              Or will others one day say you're just another wormist?

              Should the RSPCA be charged with hunting down and prosecuting fisher people who heartlessly skewer helpless worms on hooks so they can catch fish which, often as not, they are not even going to eat? Can this cruelty be allowed to exist in our society?

---May 17, 2011---

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