The amazing


On April 15th we were struggling with crossword number 5438, clue 8 (down). The clue was the sea between Greece and Turkey and the word Aegean didn't fit.

Well this was The Times so we thought it might be an ancient name they were referring to. Perhaps even something from Homer's Illiad. This was, after all, the sea on which a thousand Greek ships sailed to Troy. So what did Homer refer to it as?

We couldn't find any name with the right number of letters so were forced to admit defeat and wait for the answers to be published in a following issue of The Times.

The answer when, to our shame, we looked it up was: Adriatic!!!

Now that was strange because according to our atlas the Adriatic is the sea between Greece and Italy, not the sea between Greece and Turkey. We know that Anaeas, after his escape from the ruined city of Troy sailed the Aegean and then rounded the horn of Italy before making his way up to the River Tiber and laying the initial seeds for the Roman Empire.

But even in Virgil's Anaead, which was written during the reign of Augustus, I don't think that the sea between Greece and Turkey was ever referred to as the Adriatic.

They really do have amazing minds at The Times. Too good for me because I still can't figure it.

At what point in history was the sea between Greece and Turkey referred to as the Adriatic?


---April 24, 2011---

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