Is our capitalistic society
running out of steam?

Are we headed for financial apocalypse?

If you listen to the radio, everyone is crying out for innovation.

They say we have to innovate.

In the old days innovations were the result of need. A person may have been fed up with the length of time it took them to make a cup of tea and so were driven to invent a way of making a quicker cuppa.

But what are the needs of today?

Inventors are usualy dissatisfied people who want quicker and better ways of doing something they already do.

But do we not already live in a world of luxury? A world in which these kinds of needs have mostly disappeared?

It strikes me politicians and economists are grasping at straws. They went people to innovate but wonít specify what needs to be improved.

We do have a large number of social problems in our society and quite a lot of innovation is taking place in this area. For instance, there are schools which are reducing trouble by designing communal areas which prevent students becoming territorial. But there isnít much financial profit in this kind of innovation. Itís extremely hard to copyright these innovations and make other schools pay royalties for introducing the same kind of system.

What politicians and economists want are innovations which can be turned into money.

If we canít come up with these kinds of innovations we will sink into an abyss of poverty because we wonít be able to make, or have the Chinese make, things other people want to buy.

Apocalypse looms!


However, before going any further, I must ask a question.

Is there anything in a nursery rhyme?

As you may know:

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace.

I was born on a Wednesday and as they rhyme says:

Wednesday's child is full of woe.

It does make one wonder.

---April 19, 2011---

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